Training in Germany August 2016: Information for students

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'll be away from Sunday 7th August and back to resume lessons on Thursday 22nd September.

WHY?! In addition to other training here in Australia, every two years I endeavour to train overseas as part of my own coaching professional development programme. In 2012 I went to Portugal & trained classical dressage on gorgeous Lusitano stallions; 2014 I trained intensively with Grand Prix Coach/Trainer & FEI 5* judge Anne Gribbons in Florida on a talented PSG warmblood (read more about my experiences at both places at 

This year I'll be spending time with Nicole Weinauge. Nicole is a licensed teacher of the School of Legerete and Head Instructor at the Training Centre Klewerhaaf in Hamburg, Germany. You can find out more about Nicole at I met Nicole earlier this year when a client asked me to attend Nicole's clinic at Veresdale with her horse. During those 4 days I learned so much more about communicating with the horse through ground work & under saddle, developing lightness and mobility. I found Nicole's technique further developing my understanding of equine biomechanics, classical training and horsemanship and I felt inspired and determined to follow this up with a visit to her home base in Hamburg!

I feel in many ways I'll be taking you all with me - seeking to improve our knowledge and training! I am already looking forward to returning to share it all with you.